Everlasting Fire

2014. Based on “Inferno” by Dante Alighieri, Everlasting Fire is a storyline album that walks through each circle of hell in the same order as the poem.

In order to do the storyline justice, Sit Kitty Sit had to reach far outside their normal scope of music to include other genres, writing styles, lyrical styles, and sounds that are not-quite-human to present an album that is equal parts Rock, Nuevo-Gregorian Chant, Heavy Metal, Folk, Tango, Circus, Contemporary, and Blues, all while maintaining the Classically-doused Rock sound that SKS is known for.

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Canto 1

Midway upon the journey of our life
I found myself within a forest dark
Straightforward pathway had been lost

Life #6

I am drenched in rain and joy
Don’t know why
I don’t know why
I don’t remember where I was before
But the sound the sound of rain
Of drops on leaves
Sounds like singing
Sounds like singing
Have I been here beforeChorus:
This is me
Life number six
Coming to you live in three dimensions
This is it
Life number six
The stunning Technicolor drives me wild
And it takes time
To adjust my eyes
I am drenched in thought
In an undisclosed location
Don’t know why
I don’t know why
I don’t remember where I was before
But the feel the feel of flight
My arms are tired
My arms are tired
Have I been here beforeChorus

I am drenched in dreams
I’m standing in this house
Don’t know why
I don’t know why
I don’t remember where I was before
But these walls these walls
They feel so familiar
Am I home
Am I home
Have I been here before

© 2013 Kat Downs

The Pulse

I started something out of nothing
There was a stop a shake a pointed look
I read between the lines
There was a stop a shake a shiver
And I knew that you’d be mine

It was a greasy sweet caress
That turned your head
And suddenly I see you tied up in my bed
You are so elegant and pure
You’ll be my lovely de jure

Sticky sweat
The stink of sex
The scratched caress
The heat of breath
To be inside
To be divine
To taste the flesh
The lust sublime
The Pulse Pulse
The stink of sex
The scratched caress
The heat of breath
To taste the flesh
The lust sublime
To be inside
To be divine

Every face I see is pure desire
I smell your sex I taste your lips
Although we haven’t touched
I’ve got you in my grip
I will possess I will control
This overwhelming thirst
Envelops my immortal soul
I will walk inside these flames
These endless games
Until I fall asleep
In someone else’s chains
I am alone
Until we touch
And then I somehow find my home

I started something out of nothing
I saw the second look the open book
I read between your lines
Your open lines
That I will slide inside
The pleasured moans
The gasping breath
The heady rush is mine
It is a bittersweet release
A moment now
But then the endless chase
I’m back out on the street
My gorgeous prey
Your seduction helps me live
Another day

© 2014 Kat Downs

Bleeds September

She paints herself a prom dress
She covers up her face
Like there’s an honest living
To take her mother’s place
A right way a right way
To somehow make it last
Past the weekend
As it’s going by so fast

She calls it Sapphire
This haunted place without a name
It smells of resin
She drapes herself in lace
It comes it varies
Floats and carries
Leaves a hungry space
It bleeds September
And disappears without a trace

She sits and pulls the pieces
Of broken hearts and pent up dreams
She weaves them all together
The laughter and the screams
She pinches she pushes
To fill up all the holes in the floor
Left from all the years before


She wraps her hands in paper
The empty quiet down the hall
She hears them fucking
Lets the heavy curtains fall
She hears oh so many hearts
Making oh so many sounds
She wonders when the rain will come
She wonders ‘til she drowns

© 2013 Kat Downs

O Fortune

O Fortune how you turn
My kingdom come
My village burn
O torture weighed in stone
I fill my pockets with your crumbsChorus:
Come you noble hoarders
To the alter of your lord
Rub your coins together
Croon the silky chord
It’s how the wheel turns
Lady cuts like a knife
I plunge from heaven to the
Smoking remains of my lifeO Fortune where you gone
My empire blanches with the dawn
O costumes come undone
The candle burns the deed is done

© 2014 Kat Downs

When I Get to Heaven

When I get to Heaven
I’m coming with a gun
When I get to heaven
God you better run
God I am so angry
Look at what you done
You took away my life
And I only get oneChorus:
So when I get to heaven
We gonna have some fun
And when I get to heaven
I’m coming with a gunYou say I brought this on myself
That I got no one else to blame
And you just kinda sat there
And let me swim in pain
You never lifted up a finger
You never lent a hand
Oh God you made me suffer
You made me who I amChorus

God I know you’re up there
Yeah I know where you live
And I know you can hear me
You better run
You never lifted up a finger
No you never lent a hand
So go ahead and smack me
I don’t give a good god-damned

Lyrics/Concept by: Steven Rothenberg
Music by: Kat Downs

© 2013 Kat Downs

I am a girl with no reflection
I vaguely watch the shadows crawl
The very silence can be deafening
My senses numb
The dust will fallChorus:
Roots Roots
Growing from my arms and legs
Bind me to this vacant place
I’m six degrees of
Nothing Nothing
Roots Roots
Buried deep inside the ground
No breath will come
No pulse will pound
I’m satisfied with
Nothing Nothing Nothing NothingI am a girl with no conclusions
Of what it was or what was not
With idle hands and idle hours
My failing heart begins to rotI am a girl with no reflection
Of what I am or could become
I am an apathetic breather
I turn my back on any God

© 2013 Kat Downs

New Religion
Enter your heart
Enter your head
Enter your home while you sleep
We will creep into your mind
Undetected undefined
While you’re distractedYou had no clue
When we smiled
And shook your hand that we
Would soon become the voice inside
Your head
You like the lesson that we teach
Though we don’t really mean to preach
And the songs we sing will lull your
Fears to sleep
And then we
Another gift just to persuade a
Another comfort we portray
And your excuses don’t deter us
In the leastChorus:
Oh you can’t see the way we dance
It is an art that comes like breathing
Undetected and unfeeling
And we
Oh you can’t see the way we spin
The words we weave
Path to deceive and we will
Never let you goYou aren’t sure
Though strangely you’re compelled
The invitation is enticing is it not
Secrets shrouded with our cunning
Make the threat seem so inviting
But your conscious holds a question
In it’s heart
So then we
Just another nudge to guide you
Say the words you feel inside you
Never noticing these words are
Not your own
Not your own


Suddenly you feel so empty from what’s
Lacking in your life
Isn’t it so funny
How we fill that space inside
You are inspired now
To join us
Though you never will suspect
The crack in your composure
Is the key to our success


You will be converted to a
New Religion

© 2005 Kat Downs

Canto 12
But fix thine eyes below;
For draweth near the river of blood

The Abyss

I can hear the sound
All the way down
The flames reach up to see
The spread of horrid wings
Lifted on the screams
The sinners cast their breath
Into the airMaybe this is just
A corner of the truth
That I was carried here by choice
My own volition
I take a seat on the shoulders of a beast
In the blackened sky he sings
But like a scorpion he stings
I was lured by a face that I had trusted
Lured by a face that I had trustedChorusIs this what love is like
We plummet into darkness
With nothing but the ice of hell below
Maybe I’ve abandoned hope
Or somehow I have lost the scope
The stars and my directions
Our late night introspections
This is the furthest thing from grace
The breath that brushes past my face
It is a poetry
A symphony of self-extremes
The alpha and the ending
When will I stop contemplating
The things that make me feel so small

Maybe I’m just afraid to fall

© 2014 Kat Downs

Canto 18

Along the livid stone
Beheld I horned demons
With great scourges


It was a hole in the ground
A secret don’t tell now
Or I’ll make you quiet too
In the late navy night
The shovel sang and danced in the dirt
A trembled breath
Was his last

He was no match
For a woman scorned
For words of hate and fingers burned
In the late navy night
The shovel sang and danced in the dirt
A trembled breath was his last

The angry sun awakes
And burns with blood red eyes
The dust swirls in our wake
A natural disguise
Headlights fade in the light
It was such a gruesome sight
We drive we drive to Birmingham
We make our way to Birmingham

I’ll hide the marks
Beneath my clothes
The memory will fade
In the late navy night
The shovel sang and danced in the dirt
A trembled breath was his last

He was no match
For a woman scorned
For words of hate and fingers burned
In the late navy night
The shovel sang and danced in the dirt
A trembled breath was his last

© 2012 Kat Downs


Quick whip
Raw flesh
Dead feet
Marching in a line
High screams
Soul strapped
Wordless fear
If I follow
Over rocky shores
Will I find my own hereHuman torches
Walk with
Little feet on fire
What have you done
Cast down
You and only you can know
What a fraud you’ve becomeChorus:
You dug that ditch you’re inSick wind
Lead robes
Wide eyes
Spin my head around
It’s my precious fall
If I pray to change my world
Would I feel it at all

It’s a song and dance I perfected
In another life
That spins now I
Swim in the shit
That spilled from my mouth
And choke on my sin

© 2014 Kat Downs


Breath in bursted lungs
Escapes in clouds of white
I pray in empty rooms
To hide from empty light
It’s where I spend my days and years
This doomed and hallowed place

With water lapping at my heels
To break my fall from grace

Don’t tell me you’re not haunted
That would be a lie
That’s why we angels flew here
To let our demons die
And we will build on top of ruins
If that will reach the sky

With water lapping at my heels
To break my fall from grace

I came here for salvation
One soul to make a stand
Their voices echo hollow
So talk with empty hands
We will gather on the shoreline
The gifted and the damned

With water lapping at my heels
To break my fall from grace

© 2012 Kat Downs


I was empty
You poured yourself inside me
You were too afraid to move
So you drowned
This city was ours
And the fault line fell on youYou loved how they rose
Rose from the ashes
You loved her crimson arms
Stretching to the land
I’m sorry that you lost your turn
You sir lit your fire
But I admit I watched you burnChorus:
This is how the world ends
It’s you and me now
You’re in the air
You wouldn’t quit
Something had to give
No one got the last word in
This is how the world ends
This is how the world ends
This is how the world ends
Not with a bang bangFor a moment
I believed that I was whole
My complicated feelings
My violated soul
You sleep so soundly
So gray and cold
The water is inviting
It will erase the lie you told

You thought that it was wicked
And wicked echoed fun
You tried to break me bend me
You thought that you had won
And I cracked
But you shattered
You slept out in the dark
I locked the door

And fired up a spark.


© 2013 Kat Downs