The Push

Sit Kitty Sit’s debut release from 2010

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One face
Now or never
Do I know you
Do I care
You dare me
Not to love you
But how could I
No one’s there

His nails have barely
Scratched the surface
Her psyche
Blistered bruised and torn
Dig six feet deep
Are you sure we’re not stopping
You can’t heal until you purge

It’s lights out
Broadway baby
No one’s saying
You can’t go home
She knows you
Do you see her
Waving before she falls


I can just see me there
Under the surface
A Freudian slip hidden under my dress
As I twiddle my thumbs in anticipation
Crossdressing apathy
Open heart sex
And she scabs over slowly
Her pain isn’t real
She’s calling her angels
They’re drunk at the wheel
She twists it off slowly
It bleeds as it comes

Do you
Do you love me
I am naked for your eyes
I won’t fight you
You can cut me
If you can take me
As I am

© 2005 Kat Downs

In the Morning

Lazy eyes on the landscape
Wing small birds
singing in my brain
Electric bell
speaks nine a.m.
Into consciousness
off to hell
Lunatic reflection
Oh that’s me baby
here I am
Ten feet high here we go again
I can’t do this
Yes you can

There’s thunder in me

Businessmen transients mothers racing off to destinations
Newspapers credible headlines
Children with no education
Coffee conglomerates hypnotizing barely conscious nations
People are laughing and smiling

It reeks of beautiful life
Beautiful life
In the morning

Pavement beats
beneath feet
Broken dreams
littered on the street
Electric gospel overhead
Buy salvation
Raise your dead

There’s thunder in them

If I was lovely she thinks I wouldn’t be so broken hearted
If I was brilliant he thinks I would have gone off to college
If I weren’t scared of my shadow I’d be off the street today
Inside they are laughing and crying

They reek of beautiful
In the morning

Brilliant lies when the dream began
Try and fail is the role of man
Electric bell speaks nine a.m.
I can’t do this
Yes you can

© 2007 Kat Downs

Out of Style

She must be crazy
She must be
And I am
I will
Wait here for her break for freedom
And I will
I am
Here is the artist
A pale version of her formal self
She sits in candlelight
Beside her suit of armor
And I am
She is
Looking into black fire burning
And she is
I am
Mourning like it’s out of style
Mourning like it’s out of style

Her grave dancing
Is shadowing everything
These are the pictures in her head
My head
Burning pillars
It’s a regular tragedy
A prestigious calamity
And this temperate reality is so
Out of style

He’s pushing daisies
He must be
He says his work here is done
She says his work here’s not done
He can’t go yet

Here is a father
A pale version of his formal self
He glows in eventide
Now he can walk on water
And she is
He is
Faces even I wouldn’t recognize
And he is
She is

Like it’s out of style
Like it’s out of style

Comfort comfort little angel
Pray for me

She must be crazy
She must be

© 2005 Kat Downs


Raven sweeps in circles
Intends to bowl you over
Winging slyly past your shoulder
Blackest night in daylight
Her message shrieked cannot be missed
Girl, mind your business

Call it singing
Wicked warning
Bearing down on me
Swoop in circles
From behind
Pushing forward
Walking blind
Raven cries

Madame calls at sunset
Your path is chosen
Ready- Set
More you ignore louder I get
See the answer inner shrine
Written wall that chills my spine
Poets calling from divine
Call it singing totem warning
Raining down on me
Stepping sideways
Hide behind
Standing empty
Wasting time

Raven Cries
Raven Cries

© 2006 Kat Downs

The Push

In the event of a
Spiritual emergency
Hold your head
Don’t forget to breathe
Say your prayers
Is anyone listening

This is a bitter supplication
The most reluctant cry for help
You have ever heard
I’ve been told it’s the oldest
Prayer in the world
Is anyone listening

Missing every angle in
Kaleidoscope ejaculation
Fluctuating pressure in my head
Craving peace and self-destruction
Heart attacks and revolution
I need an explanation

Maybe it’s the thrill of going
Fast in the dark
Maybe it’s the chill of losing face
In a spark
Maybe it’s the cut that won’t heal
Maybe it’s the sense that thing are
Out of control
Maybe it’s the urge to re-examine your soul
Maybe it’s The Push
It is the whisper that came before the storm
The agreement you made before you were born
It’s the race that you can’t run away from

Here is the buzzing that sounds inside your head
Bubble doubt and waves of dark blue dread
Don’t be coy you have come to change the world
Is that what you’re afraid of

Twisted seeds are influential
Consequence is circumstantial
Suddenly I’m seeing in the dark
Feeling things is quite astounding
Color-codes a way of living
Another vision looming


© 2007 Kat Downs