Burst Video Release 10.9.2018

10.09.2018  For Immediate Release

Sit Kitty Sit’s Opposing Voices Expose Unexpected Beauty in New Music Video “Burst”

“Burst” is the new music video from Sit Kitty Sit’s fourth album, Tectonic, which released on May 4, 2018.   Contrary to their traditional power rock style, “Burst” shows a vulnerable, intimate look at depression through an unusual style of songwriting.

Sit Kitty Sit’s lead vocal and pianist, Kat Downs, noticed during her last bout of suicidal depression that her internal dialog had two completely opposite messages.  One was a fired up cheerleader – “You can do this! It’s only temporary! Don’t give up!” The other was burned out and ready to throw in the towel – “Why bother fighting? What difference will it make? No one will miss you.”

To capture this sensation Downs began by composing a piece of instrumental piano music. She then used that piece as the structure to compose two unique songs that are then performed at the same time.  

In a public post, Downs explained the initial creation process with her supporters on Patreon: “I did this by writing the first song in the dark voice and then immediately recording it and walking away.  I didn’t listen to the playback to even check for levels. I did dishes and turned on a movie and refocused my energy for several hours until I couldn’t remember at all what I had done.  I then went back to the recording and muted the first voice (only leaving the piano part) and wrote the second song from a positive voice. When I had recorded the second voice I unmuted everything to see what I had.  Both the light and dark voices had portrayed themselves with their own distinct rhythm and phrasing. That was how “Burst” was born – and it immediately made me start sobbing. Ahh…as the song says, ‘healing still hurts’“.

The filming for Burst (directed by Ryan Klassa) was orchestrated to amplify those two opposing voices. For the dark parts of the song, the camera is always moving downward and pulling away from the negative words; the color palette is muted blues and grays, and even the stained glass windows don’t really seem to bring any joy to the frame. In bright contrast to that, the “positive” imagery is always lifting upward, Downs is more present in the frame, and the oversaturated reds and oranges always overpower the sadness. The resulting video is quite powerful, as it attempts to visually capture the effect of these two equally strong and opposing feelings.

Sit Kitty Sit is a Hard Piano Rock duo based in San Francisco, California. Since 2010 Kat Downs (piano/vocals) and Mike Thompson (drums) have let loose an expertly manipulated balance of blow-your-mind power rock and virtuosic intricacy that leaves audiences screaming.  Typically described as “The Dresden Dolls mixed with PJ Harvey and Muse”, Sit Kitty Sit has toured all over the US and Europe and shared the stage with such names as Listener Family Band, Birdeatsbaby, and LP. Their fourth studio album, “Tectonic”, released May 4th, 2018. No holds barred, Sit Kitty Sit produces addictive rock n’ roll – with only two people and not one guitar in sight.

Contact: Denise Barnack, Press Relations – denise [at] sitkittysit [dot] com 

Burst Video: https://youtu.be/Y1FVQQTj-dI
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Tectonic Additional Info: https://sitkittysit.com/press/press-releases/album-release-tectonic-5-4-2018/
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