Skinned Video Release 10.22.2020

10.22.2020  For Immediate Release 

Sit Kitty Sit creates a psychological horror fantasy in their new music video, “Skinned” – just in time for Halloween.

“Skinned” is from Sit Kitty Sit’s fourth album, Tectonic, released on May 4, 2018.   Slow, menacing, and sinister, “Skinned” is the first song featured that was written by drummer, Mike Thompson. 

The slowest song that Sit Kitty Sit has ever performed to date, “Skinned”, was written to portray the sensation of hitting rock bottom.  

Thompson described it as; “A song about being in the depths of despair.  Paralyzed by fear and self-doubt.  Paranoia raging.  Feeling utterly useless and in effect, worthless.  Feeling like your body is inside out.  Self-medicating being your only friend.  Wanting and ready to die, yet somehow can’t.  But out there in the abyss there is someone, something, that will not let you completely give up.  And until they/it show their face and lead you back to the light, you are frozen in ice.” 

What better audio landscape to create a psychological nightmare.  The video features horror-movie style weapons dripping with blood, chase scenes, and lead singer, Kat Downs, having her neck sewn up post mortem – an image taken directly from the lyrics of the song. 

To create this dark fear-scape, Sit Kitty Sit once again teamed up with visual artist Ryan Klassa, who also created the band’s videos for “Paper Doll” and “Burst”.  

Said Klassa; “Skinned” was a definitely an interesting challenge in terms of visual interpretation. We knew we wanted to play with time and how our memories tend to warp what actually occurred. You know something dark is happening, but you’re not exactly sure what it is.  
The pause in the middle essentially “rewinds” everything and starts again, but clearer, or from another perspective. 
The changing motion, the running, the searching, it comes to a close as faces flicker back and forth in a window frame which leads you to wonder if any of what you saw was real or imagined- a visual sciamachy; or battling your own shadow.”

Sit Kitty Sit is a Hard Piano Rock duo now based in Wisconsin (previously California). Since 2010 Kat Downs (piano/vocals) and Mike Thompson (drums) have let loose an expertly manipulated balance of blow-your-mind power rock and virtuosic intricacy that leaves audiences screaming.  Typically described as “The Dresden Dolls mixed with PJ Harvey and a dash of Muse”, Sit Kitty Sit has toured all over the US and Europe and shared the stage with such names as Listener Family Band, Birdeatsbaby, and LP. Their fourth studio album, “Tectonic”, released May 4th, 2018. No holds barred, Sit Kitty Sit produces addictive rock n’ roll – with only two people and not a guitar in sight.

Contact: Denise Barnack, Press Relations – denise[at]sitkittysit[dot]com 


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