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Hello SKSers,

Sadly, as of this morning we are still about $7K short of our $12K goal so unless a major miracle happens it looks like this particular dream did not come true for Sit Kitty Sit.

We cannot thank you enough for all of the love and support that you have all shown us.  Your belief in Sit Kitty Sit and the music we create is humbling, and as such, we have come up with a nifty “Plan B” for all of you who were so willing to take a chance on us.

We are still going to Rhode Island to support the Phil Agin’s Berklee Scholarship Fund, after which we will do a little mini-tour of 3 or 4 shows around New England over a long weekend.  We will write 3 songs and record them for you as a little “thank you” EP  – so basically a “mini” version of our Kickstarter Project.

As you know, when we (probably) don’t hit our goal tomorrow morning at 10am your account will not be charged.  We have been overwhelmed by the number of you who have reached out and asked us how you can make sure we still get your donation even if we don’t hit our big goal, so if you decide that you still want us to have your donation please go to this page: and send to this address:  Please include your full name with your donation so we can thank you!

All of the funds will be used for our Mini-Adventure Tour out East this October – and we look forward to still giving you the Kickstarter Reward that coincides with your donation!

Endless love to all of you – We raised almost $5K which is a huge accomplishment for us and we are so thankful for your support!
Rockin Your Faces Off,

Kat, Mike

and the behind the scenes crew of


WOW… so, now we’ve done it!!  Check out our Kickstarter campaign –we’ve just launched – We’re going on a October tour and writing a new album from the East Coast to New Orleans experience! See below

Sit Kitty Sit presents:

The Folie à Deux Adventure Tour!

 “Sit Kitty Sit is headed out on our first major tour, traveling from Rhode Island to Louisiana, and we would like to invite you to come along and be a part of this kick-ass adventure. There will be tons of music and fun on this sixteen-day journey and we want to share every step of the way with you! The tour will conclude with us recording an album of songs written during and inspired by our adventure and presented as a limited release album exclusively to those of you who love us enough to help make this all happen.”

Check out the project here:

We’re already gotten $1,000 in only two days, (AMAZING! THANK YOU!!) but there’s only 27 days to go! *AND* if we don’t make the FULL amount… We get nothing! No Funds… No project… Nothing!… (sniff – *sad face)

We can only do this project with you help, so please donate, share, or spread the word… EVERY bit helps. This is a very unique way to contribute to the arts and the artists directly. So, thank you in advance, and hope we can pull this off!

We love you all!!

Thank you from the bottom of our lil’ hearts!

Kat & Mike


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