Our New Video for “Purge”

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We’re proud to announce our new music video for “Purge” from “The Push” EP

Beautifully filmed by Sarah Dunham & Margrit Eichler. MAD help from Lobsang Lhasaian, Abara Ijiomah, (assisting on film production) Frederick Gaudette (Choreography) & Tracy Myers (Makeup). I want to thank them all for their hard work on this project!

*THE REASON* for this ridiculously long post, is we need your help to watch and share, SHARE, SHAAAAAREEEE! this video. It really goes along way on that internet… This is a big milestone for the band! Support independent music!

Video Directed by Sarah Dunham
Shot at the Monarch in San Francisco, Ca in June of 2012.
Video Released July 17th 2012.

“Purge” and “The Push” EP
produced by Margrit Eichler at Absolutely True Sound
Mastered by Gary Hobish at A. Hammer Mastering




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