New Video for “My Beloved” Sneak Peek

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Sit Kitty Sit - My Beloved

It’s Dark! It’s Angry! It’s Violent! We could say It’s a tad sexy! WITH STREET FIGHTS! DESTRUCTION! SWAGGER! DANCING & ROCKING! — All the good stuff for a proper rock -n- roll video. This is a screen grab of the upcoming video for “My Beloved” from our album “Beautiful/Terrible”. We can’t wait to show this to ALL OUR friends that helped us out on this video. We filled up a sweaty Retox Lounge in the Dogpatch area. Filmed in the club and in the streets of the Dogpatch for TWO nights!! Guerilla film making at it’s finest! We got some great stories of the logistics of the shoot, which involves zombies and rental cars.

Big props to 8 Fold Films & Focal Glow Media for taking this project on! BIGGER props to all our friends who took time to be in the video! We’ll have more announcements soon and maybe we’ll celebrate a with video release party!

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