SKS – What’s Next?

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First and foremost, HUGE thanks to all of you for all your endless support which made the 2013 Classical Reverie Tour such a huge success! I’d like to say that we’re winding down and taking a breather, but that’s TOTALLY NOT TRUE!

We are just putting the finishing polish on the tunes for our new album — we go back into the recording studio the second week of January.  As this is our third record we decided to really branch out, release the inner nerd and invite some friends into the studio with us. We’ve really let Kat’s imagination go wild with the composition and we cannot WAIT to dig our teeth into this project. What a great way to start a year.

But wait… there’s more!  We’re currently finalizing dates for our March tour.  We’re heading south this time and will absolutely be swinging through Texas for SXSW, and then continuing east.  We’ll announce dates in the New Year.

No Rest for the Wicked!

Pictured Above: The Wicked (aka Kat and Mike)


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