2016 – What’s In Store?

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sks – leaving blood behind wherever we go…
 Well holy crow, you guys.  It’s 2016.  Which to me still sounds kinda spacey.  And it was a helluva year.  Video shoots and mad amounts of touring, including a giant venture overseas, which was mind-blowing and a huge learning experience all at the same time.

So where do we go from here?  Excellent question.

Well, first things first.  And that means what’s left of JANUARY.  This last Thursday we headed down to Anaheim for NAMM 2016.  Thanks to our amazing sponsors, Killer Q Instrument Straps, we were able to perform live on the floor again this year, along with the JME Allstars.  We had a fantastic time, made a lot of contacts, and learned some new cool stuff.  This coming Wednesday (That’s TONIGHT!) we perform at the Elbo Room in SF, and on Saturday at Winters Tavern in Pacifica.  How rad is that?  Please come and join us.

Then we have FEBRUARY “off” – and by off, I mean we ’re not playing shows, but we’re working our butts off behind the scenes.  Mid-February will see the release of our new single, “Blood & Bones”.  It sounds freaking ridiculous and you kitties are going to love it.  I almost died when I heard the final mix.  ALMOST. DIED.  Can’t wait for you to hear it.   It will be all over our everything, so no worries about missing it.  We’ll also be doing all the legwork to get ready for our next tour, which begins in…

MARCH we leave for our annual tour built around SXSW (South by Southwest for those of you just joining us) and this one is going to be a doozy.  We start by heading south all the way to San Diego, then as far east as Florida then north up through Arkansas, and – here’s the exciting part – we’re hitting Nashville, Ohio, and Indiana for the first time!  (Tell your friends) then, of course, we’re hitting Chicago again before we head to the best place ever, Kat’s home state of Wisconsin!  We’re BAAA-AAAACK!  Then we start heading west again along the northern route to get across to say “hey” to all our kitties in Washington and Oregon.  Of course we barely ever leave home without stopping in Reno!!!   Our homecoming show is back in SF on April 16th at Hotel Utah.   All our other tour dates will be updated on our Shows page soon.

Phew – so that gets us through the first quarter of the year.   Good lord, I’m already tired.  😉

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