New Year 2018 – What’s Happening

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Hello 2018 – there’s a lot coming up for us this year, Kitties!

First off we are thrilled to announce that just a few days ago we confirmed the date for our record release show on May 4, 2018 at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco.  We have released every single one of our albums at BOTH and we are so happy to be back for the 4th time!  As an added bonus, May 4th also happens to be Sit Kitty Sit’s birthday!  We are turning 8 and releasing our 4th album all on the same day!

We are planning to release one single before the album itself drops.  [As always, Patrons will have early access to everything.  If you’re not already a Patron you can sign up at any time.]

Starting in June we will be touring to help promote the new album – and are trying out a new style of touring.  We will be targeting areas across the US once a month and doing small concentrated batches of shows.  We’ll keep you in the loop as shows are confirmed!

Along with lots of shows, there will also be a ton of new videos this year – we are so very excited after being in mini-hibernation mode to create this new album to bust out and share it with the world.  We love you all – thank you so much for your ongoing support!

xoxox –Kat and Mike

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