There’s Always a First Time

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[By Mike Thompson, Drums of Thunder]

The first time I ever played solo in front of an audience was not planned at all.

It was my 7th-grade talent show and it was an entirely full gymnasium.  I was doing a few things for the show already such as performing a couple songs with the school band, which was about 15 kids.  Also, some friends and I were taking turns MC’ing the whole show as well as working on the stage crew.  There were all sorts of acts; comedy skits, music, and I remember a karate demonstration.  I don’t remember what songs the school band played, but I do remember there was a vibraslap in it, and that I got to play my private teacher, Paul Marcil’s, drum kit which he graciously lent to the school for the show.  In fact, it was a Ludwig Silver Sparkle kit.  The same kind I play to this day, ha.

Toward the end of the show, one of the acts dropped off or something.  They needed to fill time and I jokingly said “I could go play a solo or something.” My buddies got all excited and were like “yeah – yeah!  Go do it!” and the guy in charge was like, “yeah – go ahead do whatever you want”.  So, I did.

I hadn’t planned on performing. I’d only been taking lessons for about two years.  I just made something up.  I played as loud and as fast as I could, and it was awesome. I was pretty fired up and played for about a couple minutes, which is a long time in drum solo talk, but it feels like it goes by in a flash.  It felt like there was no crowd, just me and the drums, and it was like I was just lost for two minutes.

That was the first time that everyone saw me play as just me, like besides playing in the school band.  It was like I had a little secret power that no one knew about; a hidden talent.   It was pretty crazy and there was a lot of cheering and even a standing ovation if memory serves me correctly.

I was laughing hysterically because I couldn’t believe it was even happening. After that, I was totally wired and the adrenaline lasted for a while.

It made quite an impression on me and I needed to have more of it immediately.  So after that, all I ever wanted to do was play in front of people, so I made it my lifelong mission to do so.  Playing in front of an audience is so different than playing alone or at a rehearsal with your bandmates.  Playing in front of an audience pushes you to play better.  I like to get people fired up.  I like to see people having a good time, enjoying themselves and know I had something to do with that.  It’s a good feeling when people appreciate your hard work, knowing you’ve inspired them.  And that’s still what I continually strive for.

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