Practice Practice Practice

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  • Kat Downs (of Sit Kitty Sit) performs at the Songwriters Showcase at Yoshi’s in San Francisco on Sunday October 16.  For more info click here.
  • Sit Kitty Sit attacks Modesto!!  November 4th show confirmed at the Copper Rhino.  More info here.
  • Recording dates are set for the first weekend of November!  SKS will be recording with Michael Broadus at his all-new studio in San Jose!
  • New Website (obviously) hope you enjoy it.

And now on to the musings…


Practice makes perfect, right?

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? (as the old saying goes) Practice. Practice Practice.

*sidenote – could you IMAGINE Sit Kitty Sit rocking the spats of the swells at Carnegie Hall?  Awesome.  And yes, I said “swells”  – let it go.*

I actually saw this earlier this week – loved it so much that I printed it out and hung it up near my piano:

(Thank you Mr. Wells, wherever you are – brilliant)

I may be the oddball, but whenever I was listening to one of my favorite bands, or a favorite song, I was always at least momentarily curious as to how often or long the band practiced.  How many times did they have to rehearse that song before they recorded it?  Did they nail it?  Did it take 25 takes and ended up being patched together?  I’ve known bands that rehearsed once a week, and I’ve known bands that rehearsed every single day.

My current schedule is a minimum of 2 hours of practice per day by myself, and then I have typically 3 rehearsals per week with my band members.  Some days it feels like the right amount, some days it feels like it will never be enough – today those two hours could not pass fast enough.  (similar to when my mom would make me sit there and practice when I was 10, and that was only for 30 minutes. “Am I DONE YET??”   “NO – get back in there.” ” MooooOOOOoomm!”  – you know the drill. )

Some days I could sit there forever and play.  Play.  I try to remember that word on days like today.  This is PLAYING.  Play.  Have fun.  I mean, rocking in front of you guys is just about the best job I can think of – so even when I’m bouncing on the piano bench because I want to go outside in the sunshine like any other working stiff out there – all I have to do is close my eyes and think about what that feels like – to rock out live on stage – and that does it.  I KEEP PRACTICING.



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