From The Management…

                                     [By Kari Devine, Sit Kitty Sit Director of Chaos] So much talent…so much freeakin’ talent is what keeps running through my head as I watch the final cut of Sit Kitty Sit’s new video for Paper Doll, [...]

SkS – a year in review

                                     Typically I treat Birthdays as the New Year. Sit Kitty Sit's birthday is May 4th. But I am a sucker for looking back to help look forward, so the calendar change of year is as good a [...]

SKS Road Trip!

                                     We're getting pretty excited about hitting the road on down to Monterey this Friday, May 4th! We'll be rockin' out with one of my favorite bands, The Fukawfs, at Carbone's... I've always enjoyed playing with my other [...]

2 Down…

                                     CONFIRMED - 2, count 'em, 2 shows in Austin.  Waiting to hear back on the rest. (If it was planned ahead, it wouldn't be rock and roll). So don't mind us for the next week as we [...]


                                     We are pretty excited about our hopefully first of several confirmations for showcases during the SXSW week in Austin this year! Our first show will be for the Quantum Collective Showcase on Thurs 3/15 at Red Shed [...]