New songs, new gigs oh boy!

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Hello SKSers! Lots of exciting things going on this spring in SKS land… We are booking shows all over the region so be sure to keep an eye on our calendar so you can tear down your hometown with us when we blow through it.

Even more exciting, Kat & I are beginning work on song number TWO for our new concept album, “Seven Songs for Seven Sins”. This record will be such a cool journey through the seven sins that have plagued mankind since the dawn of time… So far we’ve touched upon Pride & Sloth. Those of you who were at Red Devil Lounge on 3/31 got to hear a little taste of our song about Pride ( it’s appropriately a little over the top 😉

Next up we’ll be opening the Saturday 4/21 show at Hotel Utah in SF. This will be SKS’ first time there and we’re pretty excited about it. Hope to share the experience with all of you!

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