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[By Kari Devine, Sit Kitty Sit Director of Chaos]

So much talent…so much freeakin’ talent is what keeps running through my head as I watch the final cut of Sit Kitty Sit’s new video for Paper Doll, soon to be released to the public on April 17th.

I’ve had the privilege to know Kat and Mike for a few years, Kat a bit longer. You see, I met Kat when I was in high school and she was barely in college. I knew from the first day I met her that she was real. A great musician who just felt like she had to deliver it to as many people possible. I’ve always appreciated that she was talented, but with the addition of Mike and his crazy drum sounds, they are a lethal duo of talent.

This isn’t something you see every day. I work with music programs all over the Midwest and when you see people that have the great art of natural energy, creativity, and understanding of an audience and see it start to come together in an amazing way, it’s like an epiphany moment. The goosebumps start and you get a bit choked up. I find myself wiping my eyes at this video because it MAKES me feel something.

I am so incredibly honored to work with this dynamic duo and I’m truly excited for you to continue to appreciate the talent they share with all of us. Get ready folks, the Tectonic adventure begins!!

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